Talkin’ ‘Bout Sex

10/04/2012 § Leave a comment

Thanks to Danielle Corsetto, the topic of asexuality has been on my mind as late. In Girls With Slingshots, there is a lady couple comprised of Jamie and Erin. Erin is completely asexual, and Jamie is squicked by lower lady parts. In the current arc, these issues come to a head. The arc brings up a number of fantastic points, that polyamorous relationships
can work, that sexuality is more widely varied than many people seem to understand, &c.

Part of the reason why this gives me pause is that I assume that sex is necessary for a healthy romantic relationship, that sex is something that everyone has a drive for, and that people should be comfortable talking about sex. I find this odd, given that I have a number of friends who are.pretty disinterested in the subject.

The other subject it makes me ponder is navigating difference in relationships. The bedrock of my marriage is that hubs and I 1) don’t have to talk to each other to be understood 2) agree on all the important things (Star Trek and Star Wars are not comparable, Cartoon Network never should have dropped Dexter’s Lab, screw gender norms) and 3) disagree on just enough unimportant things to make for interesting conversation. Still, occasional problems do come up, and it is agonizing to talk about them.  I think if we could get past the fear of confrontation, we would both find ourselves completely open to compromise.


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