Lazy Gideons

20/04/2012 § Leave a comment


I remember when the Gideons would come to campus during my undergrad, and somehow, no matter how many times you tell them “No, thanks” you still ended with three mini-New Testaments in your bag somehow.  This box was just hanging out by the trashcans, nearly off campus, near “Hail! Science!” I wonder if, with all the 4/20 hooplah, the Gideons have been driven away as well. After all, how does the University know they’re really wanting to spread the word of the Lord? Of course, they also might have been sucked into the party crowd. I was left wondering “What happened here?”

Meanwhile, I was also reminded of this gem:

She turned to pull out a small drawer, and managed to miss the look of utter, dumbfounded, amazement on Snape’s face, and the beginnings of something much deeper.

She rummaged through the meagre contents of the drawer and pulled out a small, hard backed, book. She looked at it, and sighed.

“I don’t suppose the Gideon Bible is really the right choice.”

“And, although they richly deserve to have something awful done to them, I don’t think that any of these will serve either.” His voice behind her was still threaded with sarcasm, but the tenor of it had changed. Surprised, she looked round. He was looking with distaste at a small shelf, upon which someone had placed an assortment of cheap ornaments.

“Oh Gods, I’d forgotten how appalling Muggle tat can be sometimes. I think that a large hammer is the only answer to that lot.”


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